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  • BEAR HUNT WEEEEK will be held2023.09.08

    We will be holding a very popular seasonal event, “BEAR HUNT WEEEEK”!
    The period is from September 15 (Friday) to 18 (Monday), 2023.
    We are looking forward too!

  • Partial Changes to Weekly Events2023.05.31

    Thank you for using Cave.
    The events held every day of the week will be partially changed from June 1st.

    Wednesday: BLACK BEAR
    Thursday: MEN ORGY

    You can see the contents from the event introduction page.
    Please enjoy the new event!

  • Cave original mask2023.04.25

    Cave original.
    We have special masks for development. Please experience the stress-free comfort.

  • Right before Golden Week!2023.04.07

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Cave.
    Right before Golden Week! Please wait for a while until the information on "Bear Hunt Week" is lifted!



Our shop is exclusively for Robust, Plump, Chubby, Obese, Bulk, Bear.
2F~4F are large cruising area.
Only for muscle guys and chubby guys.


  1. Safer sex related magazine is established.
  2. Condoms and lotions are located in each private room.
  3. Shower equipment available.
  4. LL size condom available.
  5. Finger condom available.
  6. Mouthwash.
  7. Bringing in illegal drug herbs, etc is prohibited.

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